Catégorie : Texte imprimé

Titre : HSE

Auteur : Xavier Dorison

Éditeur : Dargaud

Date de publication : DL 2014

Langue : Français

Caractéristiques : 1 vol. (51 p.) ill. en coul., couv. ill.

Dimensions : 32 cm

ISBN : 978-2-205-06777-4

Car salesman Felix Fox's life has changed. Drastically. Since he signed himself on to the stock market, his various shareholders are practically showering him in money. But there's a high price to pay: his shareholders require daily updates on every aspect of his life, and have ultimate control over his person in both his professional and private activities, including matters of the heart. He might be getting richer by the minute, but Felix is in a downward spiral...

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